Planning product photos


Be prepared with a specific idea and vision before
contacting photographers & know exactly what you want

Create a Marketing Calendar: This can be as simple as a list of holidays. Write in each holiday what you’d like to share with your customers. Example: Mother’s Day? I want to show my customers how a mom can use our tote bags. Don’t know how to fill in your calendar? Research the marketing and social media of brands who offer similar products to yours.

HOT TIP: Use a visually pleasing planner that notes ALL holidays plus fun/fake holidays like national disco ball day. If any of these fun dates speak to you and your products, note them and plan a post or image for that day.

Ideal Client: Who is your Ideal Client? How old are they? Make or Female? What are their values, habits, hobbies? Where do they shop and what are their favorite blogs, tv shows or books? How can you help them with what they need & want in their life?

Create a Mood Board: So you’ve decided what you’re going to tackle from your marketing calendar is Mother’s Day. Now you need to pull together visuals and ideas that will speak to your ideal clients.

HOT TIP: Even though your ideal client for this project may be mothers…we’re also inspiring dads here, too! Incorporate captions with the images that suggest what products will be great gifts.

How to showcase an experience? Strive to create images that make your customers feel like they want to be there – if a customer can visualize themselves in the images, they will be into the products featured. This is what a photographer can help you with!

So what should you present to your potential photographers?

Be specific with what you want but also TRUST the photographer you hire.

WHAT IS IT: Mother’s Day Shoot with a mom & baby model to showcase a new leather tote and matching clutch.

WHEN IS IT: Early Spring with gallery delivered by end of April.

WHAT I NEED: Images of mom and baby walking, close up of clutch, close up of tote, clutch in use with diaper, mom and baby interacting while wearing tote.

WHERE IS IT: Outside, walking around town or to the park.

VIBE & EXPERIENCE: Mom walking around town or to a park with her baby - easy use of our products while doing so. Fun, Happy & cozy.


Can you set this up on your own as a mini shoot?

Fork yeah you can, and it’s as easy as scheduling a time to hang out with friends at a local park. If you’re needing something immediate or if you don’t have the budget to hire someone – you can at least get these images onto social media yourself. This is always going to be better than nothing! Make sure your friends are okay with being on social media with their kids, set expectations and have fun.

Here’s a gallery of a 30 minute walk I did with a friend who was kind enough to help me out and yes, most of the photos are from my iphone! - Sample Photos

Tip recap –

  • Create a marketing calendar and schedule your posts

  • Research your ideal client

  • Create mood boards

  • Get in the mindset of helping your customer find what they want & need

  • Have a specific plan to present to your photographer & trust them with it

  • If doing it yourself is that works for you right now, DO IT and get posts out there

  • Don’t be scared to get inspiration from other like-minded businesses

Extra tips –

  • You can milk your photos by spacing them out / reusing them!

    • Quote posts - block of text

    • About me - photo of yourself or things you love

    • Behind the scenes - usually best for Story but can be used on your feed!

    • Those fun/fake holiday posts - throw them in to fill up space

  • Planning will get you the MOST out of a shoot to maximize the time you have

  • Use yourself as a template for your ideal client!

  • Be kind!


Give it a think –

October is a great time to think up your Black Friday deals and promotions. Have you already been thinking this up? You can never be too early!

  • What ‘featured’ item / service do you want to offer for Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday?

    • Stumped? Research similar brands to yours for ideas from 2018.

  • Who are you marketing to?

  • How can you show them an image or experience that they can see themselves in?